Long-term residence permit for Republic of Bulgaria

Long-term residence permit for Republic of Bulgaria

 Who may receive a long-term residence permit?

A foreigner to whom a Visa “D” has been issued, may apply for Long-term residence permit. The conditions under which such permit may be granted are very strict. Those who are willing to reside long term in the country, shall meet one of the following requirements:

  • willing to work under an employment contract, after being granted with a permit by the Bulgarian Ministry of labor and social policy.
  • carry out commercial activities in the country, i.e. to register a commercial entity in the Republic of Bulgaria (learn how here). In result of the commercial activity at least 10 new full time workplaces for Bulgarian citizens shall be opened.
  • is a representative of foreign commercial entity, registered in the Bulgarian Chamber of commerce and industry.
  • is well-provided parent of Bulgarian citizen or legal foreigner with long-term residence permit.
  • have been admitted to a medical establishment for continued treatment and have sufficient funds to pay for such treatment and to provide for himself.
  • the foreigner is a member of the family of another foreigner who has been granted a long-term residence permit or is a permanent residence permit.
  • is willing to work on a free-lance basis, having been granted a permit by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy.
  • the person is willing to carry on a not-for profit activities (learn how here), after been granted with a permit by the Ministry of Justice.
  • the foreigner himself or his commercial entity has invested not less than 600 000 BGN in immovables on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria. The full amount of the investment shall be payed till the date of long-term permit application submission.
  • a foreigner, who has made an investment in economically disadvantaged regions. The investment shall be made as a contribution in the capital of Bulgarian company, and it shall be not less than BGN 250 000. The foreigner should be a partner or shareholder in the company.  As a result of the contribution some tangible or intangible fixed assets for the amount of not less than BGN 250 000 shall be acquired by the company.
  • if the foreigner is a student, a non-payed intern or is accepted in university on full time study.

Are there any additional requirements?

Yes, the Bulgarian legislation put some additional conditions for long-term residence permit. They are as follows: the foreigner should have provided housing and health insurance. He has to provide evidence that he or she has sufficient means of subsistence, without relying on the social assistance system. The means of subsistence must be in an amount not less than the minimum salary, the minimum student scholarship or the minimum pension in the Republic of Bulgaria.

What is the procedure?

In the event that the foreigner meets one of the above-mentioned conditions and provide evidence of the additional conditions, he will be able to submit his application for long-term residence permit to the “Migration” sector at the Ministry of interior affairs. The application shall be considered in the 14 – day period. The submission fees is BGN 10. There is an additional state fee that shall be payed after the granting of the permit.

How long is the permit granted for?

The long-term residence permit shall be granted for a period of 1 year. It may be renewed at the request of the foreigner when that period ends. The granted permit for long-term residence allows the foreigner to leave the country and return back to it without additional visa until the expiry of the time allowed to stay. Before the expiration of the permit, the foreigner must leave the country.


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